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University Tun Hussein One

Building Type







Parit Raja, Johor


15,320 sq.m.

The Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education, UTHM is part of the new University's Education Hub which is situated around the student center known as the 3rd Node.

The building facade is a dual frontage that addresses the 3rd node and the ring road in front. The faculty's design image reflects the current Library's design nearby. It carries a modern tropical contemporary design with defined vertical and horizontal lines.

The development constraint is that it has to cater for future development. In-view of the constraint, a tower block is proposed which houses the administration and academic staff with a 7-storey atrium, a connecting learning center with library and tutorial rooms and 2 blocks of 2 to 3-storey linear designed multi-discipline labs to accommodate 1,440 students.

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