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Nucleus Tower

Building Type







Mutiara Damansara, Selangor


33,500 sq.m.

The Nucleus Tower is a high-end corporate office building in Mutiara Damansara that is designed with the green building approach.

To respond positively to the environment, the building facade is completed with shading devices for all curtain wall openings. Apart from having multi-tenant and single-tenant office spaces on the 24-storey tower, the retail and commercial spaces which are located on the 3-storey commercial block integrate smoothly into the development. The open plaza in between the two blocks serves both business functions and as urban park which will see a diverse and dynamic range of users and activities. In addition, both blocks are inter-connected via a pedestrian bridge on the first floor, as well as the plaza on the ground floor.

A pedestrian bridge that lies from The Curve shopping complex will be directly connected to this building on the first floor, to allow a comfortable walk to and from the MRT station in the near future.

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