Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Building Type







Sepang, Selangor


336,000 sq.m.

MAA's role was to ensure that the concept and design by Kisho Kurokawa/AJM was followed through to a practical reality of meeting end-users requirements as well as complying with authorities requirements involved in building.

The Main Terminal Building has wide opened public spaces in all its levels. The top most level, the Departure Level, has the widest structural span. This level is roofed over with a series of iconic hyperbolic paraboloid shaped roof with skylights over its ridges. The Contact Piers, which are the outstretched arms attached at the apron end of the Main Terminal Building, have expansive double glazed laminated glass on both its sides to allow uninterrupted views of the outside airport activities from the inside.

The objective of the airport main terminal building with maximum transparency within during the day and, at night, from without, has been creditably achieved.